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Music In My Novel

I mentioned yesterday, that the novel, that I am currently working on, takes place in the early 90s and that it has been fun making pop culture references.

One of the things, that I have done several times early in the story is have the characters listen to music, that was popular and influential at the time.

Today, part of what I wrote included a character driving around listening to Pearl Jam. I did not include the lyrics, but it is interesting how some the song lyrics match up with little elements in my story. Whether its mentions something about driving or being in a small town.

Music was such a huge part of my life, during that era. In a lot of ways, I found meaning in the music, that I listened to. When I was a teenager, music was almost a religion to me. That is where I turned, if I were happy, sad, depressed, or whatever. I would go to a CD that in some way expressed my feelings, that maybe I was unable to express, with my own words.

As I grew up, I still loved music, but it was a less important part of my life and identify.  Some of my best friendships in college were started by talking about music. It some ways the music that a person like was a fast track, for us to become friends.

Music has played a big part in my own story, and it is playing a big part in my novel.

J. Allen Tucker


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