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Lewis and Word Count

“If nothing in this world satisfies me, perhaps it is because I was made for another world.” - C.S. Lewis Today, I wrote 800 words. I think the second novel is going along fairly well. It’s been interesting switching to a different story and different characters. Thanks, J. Allen Tucker

Twitter, Word Count and Third Draft

Thanks again to the writing community on Twitter. Yesterday, I hit 250 Twitter followers! Thanks everyone. Today, I wrote 633 words. I finished another chapter in my second novel, and I also made a few small additions to my first novel’s third draft. Thanks, J. Allen Tucker

Proofs and Word Count

The second round of #proof copies arrived today. Four of these are going to beta readers. I did not write yesterday, but today, I wrote 716 words. Thanks, J. Allen Tucker

Lewis and Word Count

"You can make anything by writing." - C. S. Lewis I wrote 634 words today. If you are a writer, how did your writing go today? Let me know in the comments. Thanks, J. Allen Tucker

Tolkien, Word Count and Agents

“It’s the job that’s never started as takes longest to finish.” Samwise Gamgee / The Fellowship of the Ring - J. R. R. Tolkien I continued to work on my second novel, and I wrote an additional 427 words today. I began looking up Literary Agents that are open to email queries and might be interested in my genre. Thanks, J. Allen Tucker

Twitter, Query and Word Count

Thanks to Writing Community on Twitter! I hit 150 Twitter followers! Thanks everyone. Today was productive. I wrote 1,115 words. I think that my second novel is going along nicely. I also started working on my first query letter for my first novel. Thanks, J. Allen Tucker

Lewis and Word Count

“You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.” - C.S. Lewis I wrote an additional 617 words today, which brought my monthly total to 10,128. I also put some finishing touches on my First Novel and ordered another round of proof copies. Thanks, J. Allen Tucker

Twitter and Word Count

I just hit 100 followers on Twitter. If you are on the platform, give me a follow @AuthorJAllen . More proofreading today, but I also worked on my second novel for a little while. I wrote 208 words today. Thanks, J. Allen Tucker

Poe and Word Count

"To observe attentively is to remember distinctly" - Edgar Allen Poe I spent more time proofreading today, but I did continue to work on my second novel. I wrote another 581 words today. Thanks, J. Allen Tucker

November 12th Word Count

I spent time reading a proof copy of my first novel.  Along the way, I made notes to make a some changes. I also found time to work on my second novel and wrote 570 words. Thanks, J. Allen Tucker

November 11th Word Count

Today isn’t over yet, but it has been productive. I added an additional 1,151 words for my second novel. This brings my total for the month to 8,152. Thanks, J. Allen Tucker

Finishing a Chapter

I did not write as much as I would have liked today. However, I finished a chapter. I am still trying to maintain a daily writing regiment, which has gone well for the month thus far. I have written everyday except one. Did you work on anything today? Have you followed me on Twitter and Instagram?  The links are on the right side of the page.

Backstory for My Second Novel

Today, I continued work on my next novel. I started expanding on the backstory that lays the foundation for the events of the book. It has been interesting taking a second chance on something that I started so long ago.  At this point, the original text is more of an outline with some characters and actions. The backstory was never fleshed out.  I have a much better idea now, how this world became the way it is.

Starting My Second Novel

After having some momentum, I didn’t want to stop writing. I went through several of my story ideas. I like some of my old ideas.  One in particular seemed like something that I should revisit  I am starting anew a story that I first began in 2011. Several years ago, my wife read the incomplete manuscript, and she has said many times that she wanted to know what happened next.  Soon, we shall see.

November 6th Word Count - Finished?

  I wrote another 782 words this evening.  I think my first novel is basically finished. I know that the book is not completely done, but I have worked on various things the couple of months when I didn't feel like writing. I created a cover that I like.  I also proof read and edited the first 142 pages of the word document, which only left my a couple dozen to go back over. After some more proof reading and formatting.  I ordered a few proof copies so I could have a physical version of the book to go through and look for further things to update or remove. I will also give three copies to others as beta readers for feedback.  I will be fun to see an actual copy of my novel in a few days, even with not for resale emblazoned across it.

November 5th Word Count

 This evening was productive. I’m getting much closer to the end of my novel. These 1,418 were some of the most important so far. This is the most I’ve written in a long time, and It was fun to further explore this fictional small town and its people. I think an unlikely hero emerged this evening. Thanks, J. Allen Tucker

Literary Agents?

Last night, I chatted with an author friend, Jeff Lane.   He suggested that when I was ready I should query literary agents to see if any see the potential in my book.  I had not even considering attempting to go the traditional publishing route with novel. My plan until last night, was to self publish via Amazon KDP.  Thanks to the links that Jeff sent, I will reach to a few literary agents, one at a time before self publishing.  I assume it will be mostly rejections or no response at all, but that just sounds like it is part of the process. Have you reach out to literary agents?  Let me know in the comments. You can find Jeff''s books on Amazon via my affiliate link: .  My personal favorite of his books was  One Way .  It's fantastic.  I thoroughly enjoyed this creative take on time travel.  I was very invested in the story and characters. There several things I didn't see coming, and I couldn't wait to see how it ended.

November 4th Word Count

 Today, I kept working on my novel.   I added an additional 793 words.   I feel like I’m making some real progress. How did today go for you? Thanks, J. Allen Tucker

November 3rd Word Count

  In what will be a historic day, the U.S. 2020 Presidential Election draws closer to the end.  However, it looks like it will take at least a few days to sort everything out. After watching some election results, I spent a while working on my novel.   This evening, I added 732 more words. Are you writing anything this month? Thanks, J. Allen Tucker

November 2nd Word Count

  As I mentioned yesterday, I want to finish my first novel this month.  Today, I finished a chapter and added 575 more words to the story. If you have not already, you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram .  If you follow me, please say hello and let me know that you saw the blog! Thanks, J. Allen Tucker

November 1st Word Count

Today, I worked on my novel.  This evening I added 1348 words!  I’m not starting a new novel like many people do in November, but I do want to finish the one I’ve been working on. Have you ever heard of the National Novel Writing Month?  I have heard a friend of two mention it over the years on Twitter, but I had never really paid much attention.  I hope there are lots of writers can complete their goals. Thanks, J. Allen Tucker