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The Three W’s

If you are going to write, I think you need to figure out what is the most comfortable method, when is the best time for you to write, and where is the most comfortable place or places for you to write.

If you like to write with a pen a paper, and then later transfer to your computer.  Great, do it that way.  Figure out what works best you. I seem to write more easily on my iPad with an Bluetooth keyboard than on my computer.  I find that interesting.

If you don’t have a lot of free time, the “best time” might not always work out.  The best time for you might be 10 am, but if you’re working in the morning like most people, that isn’t an option.  I seem to have an easier time writing around 10 pm, verses the afternoon or earlier in the evening.

You might get more work done away from home and some of the distractions there, or you might find a public place totally distracting.  I like to write at the local coffee shop, but I seem to get the most writing done at home, in a comfortable chair.

J. Allen Tucker


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