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Have Two Tmelines Become Passé?

I wrote exactly 1,200 words today. It has been more time consuming the last three days, and I think part of the problem is there are so many different ways the story could go. I have not made an outline or a plan. I have some vague notions of some things, and some more defined ideas about other things.

Today was day twelve of my challenge. I think some of the material written today is the best so far. I have added some new elements, that I think makes the narrative better.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’m primarily dealing with the early 90s.  However, a key part of the story takes place in the mid 80s. The prologue features a scene that takes place in the 80s.

I have nt decided if that part of the story will continue as a secondary timeline, throughout the novel. I think that is a cool technique, but at the same time, it has been done a lot. Let me know in the comments, if you think that two timelines as a story telling device has become passé.

J. Allen Tucker


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